About Bamford Pro Fitness

Bamford Pro Fitness, located in Big Flats, NY was created in 2006 by Janice M. Bamford whose dream was to create a one of a kind personal training studio. When her husband had to relocate for his career as a medical physician, Janice sold the business to Tonya McGary. Tonya followed in Janice’s footsteps and turned Janice’s vision into a reality. Tonya owned Bamford Pro Fitness for 12 years and trained clients of all ages and fitness stages. In 2021 Tonya decided to retire with her family in sunny Florida and sold the business to Claire Ponzi, a registered nurse, certified trainer, and nutrition coach who shares the same dream as both Janice and Tonya: to create an environment where clients can improve their health and reach their goals in a safe, client driven, clean, and fun environment.

Meet the owner

Claire Ponzi, RN, BSN, CPT, CNC

Hi, I’m Claire and I can’t wait to begin training with you! I am a NASM certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and registered nurse. When I embarked on my own wellness journey in 2015 I instantly knew I found my passion and wanted to learn everything I could about exercise, nutrition, and preventative medicine. I achieved my personal training certification in July 2019 and my nutrition coaching certification in March 2020. I began working as a trainer at Jim’s Gym in Elmira, NY in 2019. In May, 2020 I then took on the additional role to manage the gym’s nutrition program. After working as a registered nurse in various healthcare settings I realized I wanted to teach clients the best strategies to prevent disease and stay well. In October 2020 I completed a nurse coaching course and am now a board certified nurse coach. In my training I learned exercise, healthy eating, and stress management are the most important aspects to prevent chronic disease and ensure a happy and healthy life. It is my mission to assist you in your journey to become your healthiest self through sufficient exercise using proper form to prevent injury, healthy nutrition that’s sustainable to your lifestyle, and stress management techniques to allow you to tackle any obstacle with confidence.

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